Heroic Relics Part III

In the Heroic Relics series I've been writing a set of items adapting the class abilities found in Dungeons & Dragons as items for Into the Odd. In this part, I take on the Paladin, Ranger and Rogue. Enjoy!

I'm doing the full array of classes found in 5th Edition, so the order of appearance will be the following:

  1. Barbarian, Bard, Cleric
  2. Druid, Fighter, Monk
  3. Paladin, Ranger, Rogue
  4. Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard


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Pendant of Divine Sense: This pendant helps the wearer detect powerful evil or good forces nearby, showing their direction and nature.

Gloves of Lay on Hands: These gloves let the wearer heal with a touch, providing a pool of healing points equal to their Willpower score per day. Spend 1 point to heal 1 HP or d6 points to regain 1 Ability score point.

Sword of Divine Smite: This sword can smite up to three times per day, dealing an extra d8 damage on its next attack. If it deals damage to an undead’s STR, they must pass a WIL save or be destroyed immediately.

Shield of Divine Protection: This shield (+1 Armor, Bulky) creates a protective aura with Power equal to the wearer's Willpower. Damage taken by protected individuals drains the aura's Power instead. If Power is depleted, damage is dealt as normal. The aura regenerates daily.

Bracers of the Cleansing Touch: These bracers let the wearer remove harmful conditions like paralysis, blindness, or poison with a touch. They can be used three times before requiring a full rest to recharge.

Circlet of Devotion: This circlet makes the wearer and nearby allies immune to fear and charm effects. 


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Hunter’s Charm: This enchanted charm grants the wearer enhanced accuracy with ranged weapons. When using a bow or other ranged weapon, the wearer re-rolls die results of 1 and 2. 

Cloak of Natural Camouflage: This cloak enables the wearer to blend with their surroundings by changing colors to match the environment. Staying still enhances the effectiveness of the cloak.

Boots of the Tracker: These boots enhance the wearer's tracking abilities, highlighting tracks and visualizing the path the creature took. Wherever the wearer treads, the boots will not leave behind a trace, such as footprints or bent grass. 

Amulet of the Beast Companion: This amulet grants the wearer a connection with a loyal animal companion. When activated, the amulet summons a specific animal (e.g., a wolf, hawk, or bear) that obeys the wearer's commands and aids them.

Gauntlets of the Plant Speaker: These gauntlets allow the wearer to communicate with plants, gaining valuable information about the surrounding environment. When the wearer touches a plant, they can ask questions and receive answers from the plant about the local area, hidden paths, or nearby creatures.

Hunter’s Bow: An ornate bow that deals d8 damage. Creatures that take damage to STR from this bow take a further d4 damage at the beginning of their next turn. Once per day, the wearer can use it to deal d8 Blast.


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Dagger of the Shadow Strike: This enchanted dagger’s attacks are enhanced against an enemy who is unaware or distracted. Similarly, if the wearer is in shadows or darkness, their attacks with this dagger are enhanced. 

Cloak of Evasion: This cloak grants the wearer enhanced reflexes, allowing them to avoid danger more effectively. While wearing this cloak and making DEX saves, roll the d20 twice and pick the best result.
Gloves of the Locksmith:
These gloves grant the wearer exceptional skill in picking locks and disabling traps. While wearing these gloves and having proper tools, the wearer may luck roll and disable the device on a roll of 4 or more. 

Boots of the Silent Step: These boots muffle the sound of the wearer's footsteps, making them much harder to detect. 

Goggles of the Night Vision: These goggles grant the wearer the ability to see in complete darkness. While wearing these goggles, the wearer can see in darkness as if it were monochromatic dim light, allowing them to navigate and detect hidden enemies more effectively.

Amulet of Cunning: The amulet bestows the wearer with unnatural cunning. At the end of their turn, the wearer may choose to make an additional move, hide or feint (impairing a single enemy in melee).

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