It's okay

This isn’t a typical blogpost for me, but I felt like writing it and reflecting on my experience with rpgs.

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It’s okay to have a mediocre game session. They happen for a variety of reasons. Overall, experiencing those will let you appreciate the better sessions later, and it might prompt some thinking about how to improve your methods.

It’s okay if a group silently dissolves. Life happens. People get new jobs, children or have to move, etc. Having a group that lasts forever is probably great, but to me it seems like a unicorn more than anything else.

Similarly, it’s okay if a player quits the group. Don’t blame anyone. It’s better that the person figures out what they really want to do.

It’s okay to change what you like. Sometimes that means moving back and forth between systems. I don’t think there ever will be a One True Solution. Just play what you want to play.

It’s okay to get tired of running a specific campaign, and it’s also okay to end it when that happens. The players at the table want to have fun, not force you to do labor so that they can have their fun and make you miserable in the process.

It’s okay when an idea you had just doesn’t turn out the way you had imagined. Ideas aren’t as important as good execution. It’s better to get good at executing an idea rather than coming up with the idea.

It’s okay to play something “generic”. Let the players be the vibrant uniqueness to the world.

It’s okay to take a break from playing roleplaying games. In my experience, I only host or join sessions during 9 - 10 months in a year.

It’s okay that someone doesn’t like your thing. It’s also okay that someone likes something you don’t like. Don’t give them grief over it. The world is better off for having lots of different hobbies.

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