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Games in the FKR tag

So we’re well into 2021 and I decided it could be interesting to look a bit at the developments in the FKR. There’s been some coverage on Questing Beast’s Glatisant, but the mentions are brief and few. I decided I wanted to highlight a bit what’s going on, starting out with the FKR tag .    I’ll go through each product and briefly describe them. In this post, I’ll go over 25 of them.  The order is basically “as is” on the page, so “Popular”. Note that the order will likely change over time, so I just took it “as it was” when I wrote it. Cosmogony  Gnarled Monster’s Cosmogony  is a Free Kriegsspiel wargame that deals with the creation of a world. Become gods, build civilizations and bring it all crashing down afterwards. It’s a nice pamphlet game and if you’re into games like Microscope, then this might be something for you.  24XX System Reference Documents Jason Tocci made a “killer app” when it comes to rules ultralight roleplaying games. His 2400 microgames are excellent and