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Rules light factions

So I am running a Star Wars campaign for my regular group these days. They are in a remote sector of the Outer Rim, looking for a spaceship that holds the secrets of the Jedi Archives. They are not alone in this sector, however. There are other factions at large. New Republic patrols, Bounty hunters, Imperial remnants, local hegemons, etc.  One faction planning an attack on another faction. So what I could do, is to just get the free version of Stars Without Number  and check out the Factions chapter. I usually recommend it to others. I have used it in several games, including the more recent Revenant Sector game I am running.  However, for this new campaign, I want to try something different. I want to Free Kriegsspiel it a bit. I’ve talked about Free Kriegsspiel in the context of roleplaying , but in this case, it will be about factions. So I am making a factions game to supplement your roleplaying game. The game is inspired by Free Kriegsspiel, Kriegsspiel Chess, Stars Without Numbe