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Happy Holidays

Seasonal greetings to you! This has been a strange year, to say the least. I hope all of you who read this blog get to spend time with loved ones and leave 2020 on a better note.  The year in review This year, I finally concluded the Curse of Strahd campaign I had been running with my friends from the university. In November, I got to start up a new campaign with them in the Star Wars universe. I also started another campaign with some friends from Discord, playing in the Revenant Sector setting. Scheduling being what it is, I've managed to get 5 sessions since late September.  I have also been playing in a campaign that concluded recently, run by the Eldritch Rusk . We used Knave to play in a Norse-inspired fantasy setting. We explored an island, a Norse version of Caves of Chaos, a frozen tomb, and a village near the Barrow Maze. Not long after, the world, and the campaign, ended.  Following this, that game group has begun a new island-hopping campaign including Hot Springs Isla