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The Atlantean Beacon

Roleplaying with my children has always been an aspiration I had, but I’ve not always been successful at it. Last Halloween I ran a relatively simple adventure where the kids had to rescue the village by gathering four artifacts to drive away the evil. Before that, I tried to get an adventure going with my eldest child, but it didn’t catch his interest.  Lately, things have changed. Earlier this summer I ran a simple “legacy board game” prototype test for the kids, which worked quite well. I repurposed the rules for Afrikan tähti , which is a common board game in Scandinavian schools and kindergartens. The setting was “Mars”, lightly inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “[...] of Mars” book series. The kids enjoyed it, but I closed the campaign after 4 sessions. Prepping with prints took time and it was difficult to maintain such a loop.  Since the setting was already familiar to the kids, I decided to try out roleplaying in that setting. I can go into the Mars setting I made later, but I