Heroic Relics Part IV

In the Heroic Relics series I've been writing a set of items adapting the class abilities found in Dungeons & Dragons as items for Into the Odd. In this part, I take on the Sorcerer, Warlock and Wizard.

This is the final part of the Heroic Relics series. The entries are as follows:


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Staff of the Elemental Channeler: This enchanted staff allows the wearer to channel elemental power. When activated, the staff can produce a specific elemental effect (e.g., a bolt of fire, a gust of wind, or a surge of lightning), which can either deal d10 damage or cause a local change (i.e. light something on fire, knock something down with wind, or power an ancient electrical device). The staff depletes its energy after three uses, but regains it at dawn. 

Amulet of Sorcerous Blood: This amulet catalyzes the essence of the wearer's sorcerous origin enhancing their innate magical abilities. Based on their bloodline, the wearer gains one of the following abilities:

  • Dragons - gain a dragon aspects each time you gain a level such as wings, subdermal scales and dragon’s breath.
  • Chaos - Each time you cast a spell, roll a d12 that influences the spell’s result. A roll of 1 results in chaotic disaster, while roll of 12 results in a fortunate windfall. Rolls close to 1 or 12 should result in limited but similar effects.
  • Divinity - You gain pool of healing points equal to their Willpower score per day. Spend 1 point to heal 1 HP or d6 points to regain 1 Ability score point.
  • Shadows - Magical attacks made by the wearer while in shadow are enhanced.
  • Storms - You are unaffected by adverse weather. Any spell you cast that deals damage also creates strong gusts of wind and has a 1 in 20 chance of causing a lightning strike against the target.

Robes of the Arcane Ward: These robes grant the wearer a protective barrier against magical attacks. When subjected to harmful magic, make a luck roll and ignore the harmful effects on a roll of 4 or more. 

Ring of Spell Echo:
This ring enables the wearer to duplicate a spell they've just cast. Once per day, it can be activated to replicate their last spell casting against the same target. 

Circlet of the Mind's Eye: This circlet enhances the wearer's mental abilities, granting them the power to influence the thoughts of others. While wearing this circlet, the wearer can focus and “listen in” on the thoughts of other nearby living creatures. The wearer may also impose brief thoughts on the creature’s mind by passing a WIL save. 

Bracers of the Spell Slinger:
These bracers grant the wearer increased speed and accuracy when casting spells. While wearing these bracers, the wearer can cast spells more quickly, and their spells are more likely to hit their intended targets. Whenever casting speed is an issue, the wearer is able to cast their spell first or react in a timely manner to others performing a spellcasting.  


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Amulet of Dark Blessings: If the wearer deals critical damage to a creature, the wearer regains d8 HP. 

Sacrificial Gloves: These ominous gloves are made of a strange leather. As an action, the wearer may take d4 damage and in turn deal d8 damage to a target they can see. 

Circlet of the Awakened: The wearer’s mind is expanded in ways unfathomable. The wearer can listen to the thoughts of sentient beings within a short distance, and communicate back to them by passing a WIL save. 

Cloak of Entropy: The wearer of this cloak gains +1 Armour. If the wearer forgoes an action, attacks against them are impaired. 

Cowl of Silence: The wearer becomes essentially immune to telepathy and mind-altering abilities, although they may choose to enable telepathic communication with specific creatures. The wearer becomes immune to damage against WIL. 

Staff of the Mind Prison:
The wearer may target a helpless creature with the staff’s powers, imprisoning their mind inside the staff. The creature’s mind is replaced by an awful alien presence that the wearer controls for now. 



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Robes of the Arcane: These enchanted robes are actually a random arcanum (see page 20 in Into the Odd). 

Wand of Magic Missile:
This wand allows the wearer to cast magical dart-like missiles that strike their targets unerringly. The wand holds enough energy to cast three missiles, each dealing d6 damage. It recharges its energy at dawn. 

Amulet of Mage Armor: This amulet grants the wearer a magical barrier that provides Armour 1. Once per day, the wearer may use the amulet’s power to gain augmented protection (Armour 3) which lasts for a short while. The amulet will not work when worn with conventional armor. 

Ring of Spell School: Worn by graduates of a School of Magic, this ring allows the wearer to repeat a casting of a spell belonging to their school. 

Tome of the Familiar: This ancient tome allows the wearer to summon a magical familiar, such as an owl, cat, or imp. The familiar has its own hp and can communicate with the wearer telepathically. The familiar remains with the wearer until dismissed or killed.

Circlet of the Arcane Eye: This circlet grants the wearer the ability to summon the Arcane Eye. Once per day, the wearer can create an invisible, magical eye that can move around and relay information back to them. The eye lasts for as long as the wearer can maintain concentration on the eye.

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