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A Shadow in the Clinic AAR

Last weekend we were holding FKR Con over at the FKR Collective. I decided to run a one shot in a setting I call FULL CARBON JACKET. It’s inspired by a lot of things, but the most important inspiration is the TV show Ultraviolet. The show was released in 1998 and had a grounded approach that blended detective work, forensics and SWAT style action with the techno-futurist optimism of the 1990s. The premise is that the players are working for the Harker institute, following leads on potential “Code Five” activity. Once the target is identified, they plan to trap the vampire through several means. Salt, ultraviolet lights, carbon jacketed bullets, stakes, silver-fragment grenades, you name it, they got it.  Image generated with Midjourney. The Scenario The scenario I ran was called “A Shadow in the Clinic” and basically featured a rural clinic. This clinic had been infiltrated some time ago by Walter Pitman. In his former life, he was a local farmer and a familiar face in the community. K

Putting Heroic Relics in Ravenloft

I recently finished the series of Heroic Relics , which I made to give a D&D’ish feeling with Into the Odd. I’m currently running a new Curse of Strahd campaign for my coworkers using Into the Odd. For that reason I’ve also come up with a sort of table set that will scatter the Heroic Relics across the sandbox in Curse of Strahd. At character creation, I ask the players what class they want to play as, and provide the list of classes that was used in D&D 5e. Once they decide, I ask them to roll a d6 to see which of the six Heroic Relics they start with. The rest are then “generated” into the sandbox as needed. Image generated with Midjourney. First off, note to the player that there is a strange sigil on the item they start with. You can draw this out if you want. The idea is that each relic has this sigil on it, identifying it as a piece of the set. Second, cause an event for each player which clues them in on the existence of the rest of the items. A ghostly figure appears in

Heroic Relics Part IV

In the Heroic Relics series I've been writing a set of items adapting the class abilities found in Dungeons & Dragons as items for Into the Odd. In this part, I take on the Sorcerer, Warlock and Wizard. This is the final part of the Heroic Relics series. The entries are as follows:     Barbarian, Bard, Cleric     Druid, Fighter, Monk     Paladin, Ranger, Rogue     Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard Sorcerer Image generated with Midjourney. Staff of the Elemental Channeler: This enchanted staff allows the wearer to channel elemental power. When activated, the staff can produce a specific elemental effect (e.g., a bolt of fire, a gust of wind, or a surge of lightning), which can either deal d10 damage or cause a local change (i.e. light something on fire, knock something down with wind, or power an ancient electrical device). The staff depletes its energy after three uses, but regains it at dawn.  Amulet of Sorcerous Blood: This amulet catalyzes the essence of the wearer's sorcerous