Heroic Relics Part II

Last week I wrote some items that adapt class features from Dungeons & Dragons and places them in an Into the Odd context. Here is the next set in line, this time for the Druid, Fighter and Monk.

I'm doing the full array of classes found in 5th Edition, so the order of appearance will be the following:

  1. Barbarian, Bard, Cleric
  2. Druid, Fighter, Monk
  3. Paladin, Ranger, Rogue
  4. Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard


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Staff of the Wild: This magical staff allows the wearer to communicate with animals and plants, understanding their feelings and emotions. Upon passing a WIL save, the wearer may view the memories of the creature they touch. 

Robes of Nature's Ward:
These robes provide the wearer with a natural resistance to harmful environmental effects such as extreme temperatures or poisonous plants. Up to three times per day, the wearer may use the robe to sprout a plant that entangles an opponent and causes their attack to be impaired. 

Circlet of Shapeshifting: This circlet grants the wearer the ability to transform into a specific type of animal (such as a wolf, bear, or eagle) once per day. While in animal form, the wearer is unable to speak and uses abilities and hp as provided by the Referee. Half of the damage suffered while in animal form carries over to the wearer when they return to their normal form. 

Necklace of the Healing Touch: This necklace allows the wearer to heal a target's wounds with a touch. The wearer gains healing points equal to their Willpower score per day. Regaining 1 HP drains 1 healing point. Regaining 1 Ability score point drains d6 healing points. 

Bracelet of Elemental Mastery: This bracelet grants the wearer control over a specific element (fire, water, air, or earth) once per day. The control can be used to create simple effects, such as extinguishing a fire, calming turbulent waters, or moving a small amount of earth.

Charm of Nature's Ally: This charm allows the wearer to summon a helpful animal companion, such as a wolf or a bear, to assist them in combat or other tasks. The animal remains with the wearer for an hour and can be summoned once per day. At the end of each hour, the wearer may pass a WIL save to retain the animal for yet another hour. 


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Breastplate of the Fallen Star: This finely crafted breastplate provides its wearer with Armour 2. When subjected to harmful magic, make a luck roll and ignore the harmful effects on a roll of 4 or more. 

Gauntlets of the Strong Grip: These gauntlets grant the wearer better control over their weapon, making it more difficult for enemies to disarm them. Through a gesture, the wearer can lock any of the gauntlets around or onto something like a vice grip.

Helmet of the Tactician: This helmet grants the wearer improved situational awareness on the battlefield. While wearing this helmet, the wearer is more likely to notice hidden enemies or gain insight into their opponents' tactics. Once per day, they can change a die roll they make to any number possible on the die, provided it was rolled in a context that relates to tactics. If the wearer dies with the helmet on, their soul is absorbed into the helmet. 

Greaves of the Swift Stride: These greaves enhance the wearer's ability to maneuver in combat. While wearing these greaves, the wearer can more easily avoid difficult terrain or gain a better position on their opponent.

Belt of the Stalwart Defender: This sturdy belt provides magical support to the wearer, making them harder to knock down or move against their will. While wearing this belt, the wearer is more resistant to effects that would force them to move or lose their footing.

Veteran’s Spiked Bracers: These bracers can deal d6 damage in hand to hand combat. When grappling or grabbing enemies in a choke hold, the wearer’s attacks are enhanced. 


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Robes of the Agile Mind: These robes enhance the wearer's focus and mental agility, granting +d6 Dexterity. While wearing these robes, the wearer gains a heightened sense of their surroundings.

Bracers of the Iron Fist: These bracers grant the wearer increased power and precision in their unarmed strikes. The wearer's unarmed attacks deal d8 damage and upon a roll of 8, they can cause an additional effect such as disarming or tripping the target. 

Sandals of the Wind Walker: These sandals allow the wearer to move with incredible speed and agility. The wearer can perform extraordinary leaps, jumps, and other acrobatic maneuvers with ease.

Headband of the Inner Flame: This headband focuses the wearer's spiritual energy, granting them the ability to channel their inner strength. While wearing this headband, the wearer can use their Willpower instead of Strength for saves. 

Serenity Belt: This intricately woven belt is imbued with the essence of inner peace and balance. It grants the wearer 3 Ki points, which they regain at the dawn of the next day. A single Ki point can be used to deal enhanced damage, deal blast damage or regain d4 HP. 

Amulet of the Unyielding Spirit: This amulet enhances the wearer's spiritual fortitude, granting them increased resilience against mental and emotional attacks. Harmful effects that cause WIL loss cannot cause the wearer to lose more than d4 WIL.

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