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Equipment in Netherlight

The following are intended for use in a playtest campaign set in Netherlight, an Into the Odd expansion I’m working on. Netherlight takes the adventurers to the stars in magical spaceships, exploring alien worlds and crossing into the shadowy dimension of the Nether. In these odd places, the characters may find new gear and artifacts. 

The Worlds

The following is for my Netherlight project. It's meant to give a vibe of some populated worlds you could find in the setting. Feel free to join my discord , where I post more regular updates on the project.  The Galaxy The Galaxy is vast. There are as many worlds as you can imagine. Some are settled, while many more are unexplored.  The Galaxy is old. Humans have built their cities for millennia. Each world has legends and myths. The Galaxy is thriving. Explorers and traders set out every day. Diverse spacecraft ply its expanse.  Image generated by Midjourney AI.

The Journey is the Destination

The following is a guest post written by Vincenzo Zeni. He is a regular player at my Tempest campaign, and he wrote an excellent post regarding travel. You can reach him on my discord server or by contacting him directly on discord with the username Alzred#1541. Enjoy!  Mountains by AurĂ©lien. Used with permission.