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Sorabu Forest

After an extended absence, I have finally returned to blogging. I've caught on the trend of the "one page settings", as seen on reddit and on Dungeons and Possum's blogpost . I wanted to give it a go for a setting I have tinkered with for a little while. I have also been sketching some drawings for the Lost Warden Tree, which will probably appear in a separate dungeon post. Thanks for checking this out! :) *** The Guide had returned to Sorabu Forest for the first time in years. Behind him walked the Stranger, clad in dark robes, his hands wrapped around a large tome. For the six weeks they had travelled together, the Stranger had barely let go of it. They stood on a crest in a rolling field of grass. The edge of the forest was just a few hundred feet away. Above the canopy rose the mountain line known as Ashwall. The Stranger cleared his throat with a cough.  “This is the place,” he said. “It is here, waiting for us in the forest.” “This forest goes on