FKR Revenant Sector Session 3 Report

We played the third session of Revenant’s Sector, a sci-fi sandbox campaign using the Revenant’s Hack. The characters are:

  • Malik Zhao, a part-time ecology enthusiast. 

  • Silas Nowak, generous bar patron. 

  • Terry Browning, Guiney-monkey wrangler. 

In the last session, they finally arrived on Taphos. With a mission to recover the Raker, the crew had decided to acquire firearms and meet up with a contact they made on the way. 

Hanging around in Nara’s Outpost 

The session resumed outside the general store. They had more than an hour to pass, so they decided to explore the surroundings of the outpost. Malik was curious about the ecology on Taphos, so he decided to examine the grass-like lifeforms there. To his surprise, he noticed that the “grass” was mobile, capable of retracting its tri-fork stem from the ground. They also came across younger fern trees, which were coiled up and preparing to bloom. 

Back at Ryuma’s (the bar), they met with Tobias Alcantar. This time, he was dressed in pioneer clothes and carried himself quite differently. He revealed to the players that he’s head of security at Maxwell’s Outpost and had a job for them. Maxwell’s Outpost is strained as it was, so Tobias needs more capable people. The players gladly accepted and were given their first mission: To check up on the Mikheva farm. They were also provisioned with tickets to get them to Maxwell’s Outpost. 

The players then celebrated with a few drinks, then headed out to find the guns they had bought in the previous session. The pretzels would guide the way. They procured the guns, but only after an intense struggle with a Guiney-monkey and the first player dice-roll of the whole campaign. 

Ticket to Toyasu

Towards the end of the session, they took the train to Toyasu Arcology. The train was filled to the brim with livestock, cargo,  and unpleasant smells. They passed through jungle-filled valleys and cultivated landscapes. Before they arrived at the arcology, they got a glimpse of the massive mountain Oros

The arcology was surrounded by industrial facilities. The players decided to find a place to stay and found the most lucrative of less lucrative hostels. The Dunbai Hostel - a former film set. They were introduced to a drab room with clinically boring decor. 

Experiences so far

For the most part, I have depended on the Augmented Reality and Donjon to come up with names and events to create a sense of verisimilitude. I don’t think I can recommend them enough. In terms of prep, I have found that I can run much based on the initial prep I made for the Revenant Sector. While I will continue building out the sector, I think it’s possible to run a lot of sessions based on a small amount of “strategic” prep. 

In other words, I don’t think it’s necessary to build a monument (i.e. a system or setting) before you start playing. I think a lot of useful information springs from just playing the game. 

The Revenant’s Hack hasn’t been used much, practically. The “rulings before rules” maxim has been something I have been leaning heavily into. The players stick to natural language and barely have to touch their character sheets to update their inventories. 


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