FKR Revenant Sector Session 2 Report

 We played the second session of Revenant’s Hack in the sci-fi sandbox. The characters are:

  • Malik Zhao, script-slinger extraordinaire. 

  • Silas Nowak, pilot and shady person. 

  • Terry Browning, a get-away driver without a car. 

In the last session, they were given an opportunity to retrieve the starship Raker that had been lost on Taphos. 

Planetfall on Taphos

The session started with the Redoubt exited hyperspace near Taphos. While on the approach to orbit, the players connected to the public network and gathered some information. The network was limited, but they got the impression that the Toyasu Arkology was waging a war. They were fed with videos of armored cars, embedded reporters, and captives being marched out. The players expressed some concern. 

Later they met Tobias Alcantar again while preparing for planetfall. They asked about work opportunities near Maxwell’s Outpost, but Tobias’ spouse cut them off, dismissing the player characters as “riff-raff”. Tobias sent Silas a DM, indicating that they could resume the conversation later. After a brief hiccup in flight, they set foot at the starport. Alien, reddish ferns surrounded the surface-side spaceport. The air smelled like cinnamon. The weather was nice.

The characters also learned that they would receive two containers filled to the brim with parts, equipment, and repair drones. They decided to store them at the spaceport. Afterward, they headed to… 

Nara’s Outpost

After a bumpy ride, the characters arrive at Nara’s Outpost. Off-the-shelf habitats, rust, and neon signs everywhere. Tobias had sent them a message to wait for him at a location in this outpost, so they decided to look a bit around. Passing by vaping teenagers, they find a bar and grab a drink. Casually talking up the bartender yields some information about the settlements. Not everyone’s fond of the regime run at Toyasu Arkology. They also engaged in some casual fire-arms procurement. 

After a drink and some guns, they visit a general store run by a chibi-bot. They get some gear and taste some dried slug meat. After that, we called an end to the 3-hour session. 


The campaign is playing out slowly. We are taking our time exploring the world and not really fast-forwarding anything. At this pace, the players will probably stay on Taphos for several sessions. The rules haven't been used that much yet, so it's really "rulings not rules" to the extreme. Still no dice rolls have been called for, which I find to be really funny. Then again,the players haven't done anything drastical yet.

Thanks for reading!

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