The Worlds

The following is for my Netherlight project. It's meant to give a vibe of some populated worlds you could find in the setting. Feel free to join my discord, where I post more regular updates on the project. 

The Galaxy

The Galaxy is vast. There are as many worlds as you can imagine. Some are settled, while many more are unexplored. 

The Galaxy is old. Humans have built their cities for millennia. Each world has legends and myths.

The Galaxy is thriving. Explorers and traders set out every day. Diverse spacecraft ply its expanse. 

Image generated by Midjourney AI.


The Core Worlds are the seats of power, the strongholds and home to the titans of industry. Those raised on these worlds are typically affluent and have exceptional education. 

The Core Worlds are:

  • Layered with a deep underground and a noisy industrial landscape.
  • Checkered with gardens and estates that few can access.
  • Where you can find anything.

The Players would go here if:

  • A rich patron asked them to. 
  • They need something rare or potent. 
  • They had no other choice. 


The Port Worlds are the crown jewels that connect the trade lanes of the human domains. To make it in these places, you have to seize opportunities and play your rivals against each other. 

The Port Worlds are:

  • Where spacecraft nest on long piers and vast spires.
  • Where warehouses are brimming with strange goods.
  • Where any stranger on the street has seen three different worlds. 

The Players would go here if:

  • Their ship would need repairs.
  • They seek to trade or sell off their haul.
  • They need leads on a new adventure.


The Far Worlds are scattered along the rim of the Empire and the Magocracy of Serga. People seek their fortunes here, struggling in alien climates with few resources. These places favor those that adapt.

The Far Worlds are:

  • Lonely and harsh places, known only by a few.
  • Where life is a constant struggle against nature. 
  • Where humans settle in hopes of building a better future. 

The Players would go here if:

  • They are in search of ruins or rare resources.
  • They want cheap goods to sell somewhere else.
  • They want to avoid attention for a while. 

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