Free Kriegsspiel Roleplaying

I have mentioned Free Kriegsspiel Roleplaying a few times in my blogposts. Here I will put some of the material I find useful. Enjoy! 

What is it like to play?

Free Kriegsspiel Roleplaying (or FKR) is a way of playing roleplaying games. As a player, your time will be spent mostly thinking about your character’s “in world” (sometimes called diegetic/diegesis) properties. You roleplay using natural language and avoid rules jargon if possible. You engage with the world using your understanding of it, and your experiences from real life. You probably have an intuitive understanding of how a rope works, so there is no need to specify rules for it. The Referee also has their intuitive understanding of the world, so both you and they can roleplay a lot just using a shared understanding. 

The Referee controls the world and acts on behalf of the beings that inhabit it. The players enter this world, and it falls on the Referee to describe how the world responds to their actions. To maintain an immersive atmosphere, the Referee should stick to natural language as well and avoid naming rules or using rules-language. 

As a referee, you have the roleplaying game’s rules at your disposal, but your primary tool is your own judgment. If the players want to do something which you think has a fair chance of either failing or succeeding, you can ask them to roll the dice. If a player’s character falls down a cliff, you can rule that the character dies. If you think there’s a chance the character survives, ask for a roll, but apply appropriate outcomes, which may involve grievous injuries. 



Other resources

Der Tresor II - a drive spreadsheet with several useful links to games, blogs, and articles. 

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