Equipment in Netherlight

The following are intended for use in a playtest campaign set in Netherlight, an Into the Odd expansion I’m working on. Netherlight takes the adventurers to the stars in magical spaceships, exploring alien worlds and crossing into the shadowy dimension of the Nether. In these odd places, the characters may find new gear and artifacts. 

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Astronaut Gear

An astronaut faces many hazards, but thanks to liberal use of magic and technology, a number of helpful devices have been made:

Electro-com, long range (120G) Bulky. Wireless communication within solar system.

Electro-com, short range (10G) Wireless communication within a mile.

Hand Augur (20G) Reveal the approximate position of nearby living creatures. 

Personal Air Envelope (10G) Surrounds the wearer with an air envelope and provides breathable air lasting a day. 

Portable Air Envelope (40G) Bulky. Provides breathable air in a space large enough for a detachment. Lasts a week. 

"Pulse Weapons" by Ewerton Lua for the Netherlight project.

Pulse Weaponry

Pulse weapons project bolts of malevolent energy at their targets. Upon dealing critical damage, the target is disintegrated. 

Pulse Rifle (5G) D10 Damage, Bulky. 

Pulse Carbine (3G) D6 Damage, enhanced at point blank range. 

Pulse Pistol (1G) D8 Damage.

Bottled Lightning

A substance mined in the depths of the Outer Cosmos, Fulgurium is mineral that crackles with energy and must be handled quite carefully. While quite unstable, many use them as power sources for equipment and vehicles. For those who prefer to track resources, these items can be considered “ammo” and “fuel” for their adventures. 

Fulgurium Vial (20S) Powers most hand-held devices. D8 Usage.

Fulgurium Keg (1G) Powers most vehicles. D8 Usage. 

Fulgurium Bomb (80S) D10 Blast, disables most electrical devices for a short time. 

Strange Medicine

With access to strange substances, the adventurers can concoct potions that grant them an edge in dangerous situations. 

Nether Ichor (70S) If consumed, heal d4 STR Damage and gain an Alteration *. Leaves strange scars in place of wounds. 

Vitality Salts (40S) If consumed, temporarily gain d20 HP and suffer 1 STR Damage. 

* Alterations cause mutations in the character. 


Clockwork machinery directed by an electro-brain of limited intelligence. They can comprehend basic speech, but are not creative in how they solve tasks and are mostly used for simple and boring tasks. Automata are built by expert artificers and are more common in Core Worlds. 

Automata, humanoid (70G) STR 12, DEX 10, WIL 8, 15 HP, Armour 1. 

Automata, small humanoid (50G) STR 8, DEX 12, WIL 8, 10 HP. 

Automata, large  (150G) STR 16, DEX 8, WIL 8, 20 HP, Armour 2. 

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