Happy Holidays

Seasonal greetings to you! Like the last year, this year was also strange. It’s the second year in a pandemic and right now things are closing down again. I wish you all warmth, love and safety.


The year in review

This year I concluded the Star Wars campaign I ran this year. Now we’ve moved on to play a new campaign set in a universe inspired by the Witcher and Norse mythology. Playing over Discord has become the norm, and I’ve gotten to play lots of exciting games in different mini-campaigns, from Orbital Decay and troika! to OZR. I’ve also played an open table Cyberpunk game inspired by Cyberpunk 2077. Lots of good RPG times this year.

I’m happy to report that I’m also making great strides with my small-time rpg publications. I’ve been working on a few different projects. Netherlight is a sword-and-planet setting I’m planning to release soon, inspired by the Warhammer universes and the movie Treasure Planet. I’ve previewed some of the art on this blog already, made by the fantastic Ewerton. Here’s a preview of the frontpage:

Featuring sorcery, pirates and eldritch horrors!

The next project is Beneath Northern Lights - a 24XX hack set in a variation of Norse mythology in the age after Ragnarok. Unlike most 24XX hacks, this game is sizing up to be about 40 pages long. Beneath Northern Lights prominently features art from the public domain. Here’s a preview:

Beneath Northern Lights offers a quick but detailed character creation.

If you want to have a look at how the development process goes, feel free to join my discord. I post updates there more frequently than I blog about this stuff. Despite having made less blogposts this year than the year before, Blogger says I made 28700 views. I’m very grateful for everyone who tunes in to read my stuff. You have my thanks!


Thanks to everyone who has been reading and following my blog. I wish you a merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a happy new year!

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