A Random Bounty Hunter Appears

If you ever need a greek-ish bounty hunter, I hope this resource can be useful:

First, roll a d12 for its name:

  1. Athemos
  2. Posileo
  3. Tesele
  4. Danoro
  5. Cosico
  6. Eliagos
  7. Aphros
  8. Gorabo
  9. Eumaeus
  10. Demiodokos
  11. Kaeio
  12. Alkipodes
Then, roll a d6:
  • 1 - 2: It's a fighter.
  • 3 - 4: It's a thief.
  • 5: A cleric
  • 6: A wizard
The bounty hunter is usually the same HD as the player's level, only add d3-d3 HD. Minimum 1 HD.

How does the bounty hunter gather information? Aside from the regular tricks, the bounty hunter has this style (roll d12):

  1. Investigation and interrogation.
  2. Hires other Bounty Hunters, pays them 10% of the reward.
  3. Tracks the PCs using scent and trail signs. 
  4. Harassment and intimidation.
  5. Employs informants and spies to keep track of most vagrants.
  6. Pays merchants and traders for leads. 
  7. Is a trained animal that can follow the scent of anything the PCs have touched. Usually escorted by faithful humanoid servant. 
  8. Hangs around in a nearby tavern until the PCs are spotted.
  9. Uses a tarot deck to divine the whereabouts of the PCs.
  10. Engages with local priests and pious folk.
  11. Uses a special spell to detect a PC magic users' spell signature. Can sense this magic user within 600 feet. 
  12. Uses a divination spell that highlights the footprints of the PCs that are less than 2 days old. 
If asked to bring the PCs back alive, how does the bounty hunter do it? Roll d12:
  1. Will attempt to single out each PC and capture them when vulnerable.
  2. Manacles and batons.
  3. Pit or net traps.
  4. Hostages or asset capture.
  5. Ingested sleeping poison.
  6. Steals the PCs stuff until they're vulnerable.
  7. Will attempt to hire the PCs to go where he/she wants them.
  8. Hires local muscle, will attempt to beat PCs into submission.
  9.  Will use deception to lead the PCs into captivity. 
  10. Bestows a curse that attracts angry ghosts. Will retract the curse if the PCs surrender willingly. 
  11. Liberal use of Sleep spell.
  12. Visits the PCs dreams with the appearance of their victims, demanding justice. 

If wanted dead, how does the bounty hunter attempt to kill the PCs? Roll d12:

  1. As with capture tactic, but with lethal force. 
  2. Ambush with crossbows.
  3. Bear or gallows traps. 
  4. Arson. 
  5. Deadly ingested poisons.
  6. Slips snakes into their camp / bedrooms.
  7. Pays local thugs to ambush the PCs.
  8. Poison darts. Will throw at a single PC and flee. 
  9. Sets an ambush point with tumbling rocks, logs or wildfire. 
  10. Raises a fallen innocent that the PCs have murdered and bestows it the powers of a revenant. 
  11. Liberal use of Sleep spell followed by stabbing.
  12. Use illusions to make the PCs kill each other, accidentally or otherwise. 
Thanks to Byers2142#9618 and GalacticNomad#7375 from the OSR Discord for their input!

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