Bunkerlight Characters

I’m preparing to run a Roadside Picnic’ish setting soon using 2400. There’s one of Jason Tocci’s microgames that already cover this type of setting, but I want to make some additions on top of that. The idea is to run a realtime campaign for a quarantine zone set in the year 1983. 

Picture by Tobias Wahlquist, used with permission.

I changed the advancement rule to match the pace of the campaign, so the notation for the character creation is slightly different too. In typical 2400 games, the skill level is expressed in dice notation. 

Advancement: You can advance your skills by training a number of weeks equal to your Skill Total (add together all skill ranks) + the next rank. Advancing a skill rank grants a better skill die:


Choose a speciality. 

BUNKER RAT: Advance (rank 1) any two skills from Climbing, Navigation, Running or Stealth. Take one good outdoors outfit and choose between fair camping gear or climbing gear. 

FIGHTER: Advance (rank 1) any two skills from Hand-to-hand, Intimidation, Running or Shooting. Take a good assault rifle (bulky) and good armor. 

MAKER: Advance (rank 1) any two skills from Chemistry, Electronics, Engineering, Hacking or Mechanics. Take a fair toolset for one of the skills you advanced. Take one item of your choice from the Gear list. 

HUNTER: Advance (rank 1) any two skills from Climbing, Connections, Hand-to-Hand, Navigation, Shooting or Stealth. Take one good camo outfit and fair armor. Choose one good quality item; bow, pistol or knife. 

THINKER: Advance (rank 2) one Science Skill. Advance (rank 1) a skill of your choice. Take a good toolset for your Science Skill. Take one fair pistol and one fair hazmat suit of your choice. 

VAGABOND: Advance (rank 1) any two skills from Field Skills. Take a mediocre outdoors outfit. Choose one fair quality item; pistol, rifle or armor. 

Select an origin.

INSTITUTE EMPLOYEE: Advance two Science Skills (rank +1) or advance one twice (rank +2). 

STALKER: Advance two Field Skills (rank +1) and take one minor anomalous object. 

SURVIVOR: Advance one Field Skill (rank +1) and advance any two skills (of any category, rank +1).

MERCENARY: Advance Shooting (rank +1). Take a fair assault rifle and grenades. 

If prompted by specialty or origin, choose from the categories below.

Expert Skills

Connections, Electronics, Engineering, Explosives, Forgery, Hacking, Mechanics, Navigation, Tracking

Field Skills

Climbing, Deception, First Aid, Hand-to-hand, Intimidation, Persuasion, Piloting, Reading People, Running, Shooting, Sleight of Hand, Stealth

Science Skills

Archeology, Biology, Chemistry, Cybernetics, Economics, Genetics, History, Linguistics, Medicine, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology

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