The Mechs of War

You have a mech. It has 8 body-parts:

  1. Left arm
  2. Left torso
  3. Left leg
  4. Head
  5. Center Torso
  6. Right Arm
  7. Right Torso
  8. Right leg

The Mech is a bulky, humanoid machine covered with steel plates and bristling with weapons. A mech’s torso contains the pilot and many vital systems, and are often the most armored section. Legs and arms are afforded less plating due to their flexibility. The mech’s head section often contains sensors and targeting systems, making them the most vulnerable part of the mech frame.

Mechs have access to a variety of weapons, all capable of laying waste to armies. Weapons are typically mounted on the arms and torso parts. Some weapon systems generate excess heat, which the mech has to radiate away. If a mech fails to dissipate the heat and instead overheats, it risks having weapons or vital systems shut down.

An non-exhaustive list of weapons can be found here:

  • Autocannons - reliable projectile weapons. Limited ammunition.
  • Heavy Cannons - precise projectile weapons. Long range. Limited ammunition. Heavy.
  • Short Range Missiles (SRM) - short range guided missiles.
  • Long Range Missiles (LRM) - long range guided missiles.
  • Flamethrower - close range incendiary weapon. Causes target mechs to overheat.
  • Small Laser - long range precise energy weapon. Generates heat. Fast tracking.
  • Medium Laser - long range precise energy weapon. Generates heat. Heavy.
  • Large Laser - long range precise energy weapon. Generates heat. Slow tracking. Heavy.
  • Plasma Gun - short range explosive energy weapon. Generates heat. Exceptional armor piercing.
  • Plasma Cannon - long range explosive energy weapon. Generates intense heat. Exceptional armor piercing. Heavy.

There are broadly three mech weight classes. These are Light, Medium and Heavy.

The Light Mech frame prioritizes agility and speed over armor plating and firepower. Due to its engine power, it is unable to mount weapons on its torso parts or mount any heavy weapons. Light Mechs are often capable of navigating terrain that would hinder other mechs. As their frame size is small, they are often capable of taking cover behind buildings and terrain features that would leave larger mechs exposed.

The Medium Mech is a balanced mech frame. Medium mechs can at most mount one heavy weapon.

The Heavy Mech frame features heavier armor and powerful engines. Heavy Mechs are significantly slower than other mech frames, but can mount more than one heavy weapon. These frames also feature extended heat sinks and are able to handle heat build-up better than smaller mech frames.

How to play

Say what happens. If an event or action is challenged by another player, both should roll 2d6 each and compare the results. The player with the highest results says what happens instead. Low rolls should have minor impact, while high rolls should have decisive impact.

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