Bottles for Knaves

Everybody loves a bottle or two. If you've played the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you know just how versatile bottles are. Naturally, after using the content in the bottle, you now have a bottle which can be used again! How handy!

If you want to put a random bottle in your Knave game, roll a d12 and see what happens:

  1. Bottle of Cold Milk has drinkable milk inside, which restores d4 hit points when imbibed.
  2. Bottle of Confetti is, well, filled with confetti. Instant party or ruined day! 
  3. Bottle of Cold Mud if applied to a PC will grant advantage when attempting to hide from Lizard People.
  4. Bottle of Really Angry Bees When released, they deal 1 damage to anything inside a 10 feet area where they are released - they disperse after d4 rounds. After a day inside a bottle, the bees asphyxiate. 
  5. Bottle of Honey holds delicious content that gives advantage on Charisma saving throws when attempting to befriend bears or really angry bees. 
  6. Bottle of Thousand Ball Bearings  is filled with ball bearings. Can be used to find slants in floors or trip people that step on them.
  7. Bottle with Candle has a candle in it. If you put on the watertight lid, it will still produce light for d10 minutes.
  8. Spell Bottle is engraved with the contents of a random spell. It works like a bottle and a spell book.
  9. Bottled Spell holds a single casting of a random spell.
  10. Lightgrub Bottle has a perforated lid and is filled with bio-luminescent grubs. They pupate after d12 days and there is a 10% chance they gestate into young fire beetles.
  11. Bottle of Soot Paste is filled with a black soot, which if applied to a PC will grant advantage to sneaking and hiding - however Lizard People have advantage on saving throws to detect you. 
  12. Fairy Bottle has a single fairy inside it. You can eat it and restore all lost hit points, or should you meet an untimely demise, it will resurrect you instantly with d4 hit points and disappear from this plane. You're also free to let the fairy go - it might do you a favor in return! 

Bottles usually only take up one slot in the inventory.

Oh and if you're thinking of Wind Waker and running Knave at sea, maybe check out my Knaval Rules

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