The Falling Star

A setting concept told in stories.

In the silence of a starry night, a single bolt of starlight raced from the sky to the land. In the marshlands of Osidenc, the falling star was revealed to be a craft of some kind. Local farmers discovered the wreckage and were shocked to find it surrounded by the corpses of strange creatures. The authorities were summoned and the site was cordoned off, and the farmers were told to forget what they saw.

Mayor Adus von Retter was called in to deal with the incident, bringing his best Witchfinder, Captain Marnhelm Fochterwald. A week had passed since the incident, and they discovered that one of the farmers had slowly turned mad in the matter of a few days. The Witchfinder quickly suspected supernatural activity of some kind, but was unable to identify the source. In a bid for further assistance, the Mayor sent a letter to the Gilhal Academy of Philosophies, requesting the aid of the famous Natural Philosopher Odwin Vraduna. In the time before Vraduna arrived, the Mayor succumbed to seemingly the same madness as the farmer had.

In order to protect the local villages, Captain Fochterwald had widened the perimeter around the wreckage and taken to preaching to the populace. In his mind, a witch had infiltrated the marshlands and the wreckage was some sort of ruse. Unwittingly, Captain Fochterwald had himself fallen under a supernatural influence and was being directed by a survivor from the wreckage.

Vraduna did not arrive alone, however. Following him was a detachment of marines of the ship Flame of Trele. Not only was the way to the marshlands dangerous, Vraduna himself was considered an asset of the Arbor Kingdom. Shortly after arriving at the wreckage site, Vraduna’s camp is attacked by mad villagers, all dressed in black garb. With little time on his hands, Vraduna only managed to pick some select objects from the wreckage before the marine commander ordered a retreat.

One object that Vraduna recovered was a strange, metallic chair. Little did he know how important that object would become.

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